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Divorce Recovery Program

Healing Manifestation and Attraction Methods to ❣ Find Real Love after Divorce ❣

The methods followed are very powerful and help one to Heal and Move towards their Best Love Life.

I lay emphasis on –
Inner Work which means helping one to tap into their true selves from deep within and heal from inside

Helping one to Heal from their Past Patterns which they may be carrying even from their childhood – This is done by following very powerful modalities like NLP SUB CONCIOUS PROGRAMMING to help one get out of toxic thinking patterns .

FOCUSING ON THE PRESENT: Some amount of work is done on the present beliefs , thoughts and emotions to help one get to a happy place and design the Best Life for themselves

FUTURE: Specific Future Goals are sent and a Rock Solid plan laid down to help individuals Attract & Manifest their DREAM RELATIONSHIP

These methods are very powerful and have been laid down by me after doing hours and hours of research on human behaviour and also issues that people face after they go through a Divorce.

These methods are helping so many women achieve their Best Love Life in no time at all.

Life Coaching

Life Coaching in very simple language is a form of support given by a LIFE COACH to an individual through a certain period of time (ranging from a month to even a year)of his life to achieve his full potential and the desired Outcomes or Goals. A Coach works with a client to ensure that all the issues of his lives are touched upon,explored deeply and solutions reached.It touches every dimension of a person’s life because it is based on the premise that all issues in our lives are connected with each other and relate to our experiences . It is a form of talk therapy wherein a coach by asking very powerful and insightful questions helps an individual  achieve  his goals  and holds him accountable for his actions and progess. research has proved that one who hires a life coach ,witnesses a remarkable change in the quality of his life and also becomes  more self aware. Some of the big personalities also  turned to a life coach who supported,acted as a mirror and helped them startegise their actions . A lot of times we feel overwhelmed and burdened by responsibilities.this is where a life coach steps in to stimulate our thinking towards finding a totally new or different direction.

The Magic of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP)

Through the use of various tools and techniques, a great deal of transformation is brought in a person’s thinking patterns, his behaviours and his actions. NLP works on the principle that everyone has all the resources they need to make positive changes in their own lives. Through the use of several techniques magical change can be brought about in changing perceptions, negative patterns and actions. NLP provides tools for the development of states of excellence in an individual. It also helps in the process of self discovery, exploring one’s belief systems, values and mission.

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