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Transition Coaching

Transition or change happens in every person’s life and leaves us in a state of vulnerability . We get anxious and panicky because we need to step out of our comfort zones and make undue adjustments with not only our surroundings but also with our inner selves. At times it gets very difficult to manage change and may even result in extreme despair and agony.When routines get disrupted, our brains are forced to adjust to the new ways of living. It might even shake off one’s identity.This also puts stress on our systems and it comes up in various forms such as fear, worry, lack of self worth, lack of self confidence, decreased motivation and tension. Many a people try to even avoid change but it inevitably catches on them later. Resistance to change can often lead to more anxiety, worry and overwhelm.

Some other effects of a transition may be:

  • Dilemmas
  • Lack of motivation
  • Lack of clarity about future
  • Inability to make right choice
  • Feelings of hopelessness and despair
  • Negative thinking
  • Negative behaviors
  • Dis-empowering beliefs

Therefore, considering the ill effects of change and transitions, it is wise to say that instead of feeling confused and unfocused it is much better to take this as the most opportune time to explore , brainstorm and consider the make over before new patterns start solidifying.This is the best time to look within yourself, define new ways of living ,set new targets, increase your motivation and aspire to live a better life .

Role of a coach

If one gets a chance or a space to talk his or her feelings openly without being judged he or she can easily surpass this phase . A coach gives unconditional positive regard to the individual and helps him or her visualize and attain a better future.

As a transition coach I would support you to accentuate your effectiveness in your life. In your sessions with me,we will look at your stuck points and strategically resolve them by taking one at a time.

In every session we will focus on one particular issue that might be bothering you and is not letting you  make a desired change .With deep exploration we will come to some key awareness points which would help you gain further clarity on your next steps.Effective actions would be agreed upon after each session and accountability ensured by constantly monitoring your actions and growth. This way change is sustained over a long period of time and results achieved successfully.

So let us join our hands together and overcome this phase with vigor and vitality!

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