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Hi, This is Deepa

A Life Coach with a deep desire to bring about a positive change in people around me. I am extremely passionate about working with people from diverse backgrounds and supporting them in their journey of self-transformation and personal growth. I firmly believe that every individual has a set of unique set of strengths which if tapped fully, can result in huge amounts of success and growth in his or her life.

Based on this belief, I have named my venture as POWER WITHIN which aims at helping individuals discover their innate potential, so that they can achieve their goals in the most effective way whether it be in their personal or professional lives. Many of us get stuck in difficult life circumstances such as Relationship Issues, Decision Making, Conflicts with respect to different issues, Lack of Motivation, Lack of Clarity about future, Lack of Self Confidence, Belief Issues, Negative Thinking Patterns etc… A Life Coach steps in here and helps individuals come out of a stuck state and reach a desired state.

In my Life Coaching sessions, I explore a person’s situation in the beginning of the engagement, help them set clear goals for future, identify where the gap lies and then design a roadmap to reach their destination. I offer specialized Life Coaching and NLP sessions to them which help them achieve their goals and also make the most powerful shifts in their lives.

Along with Life Coaching Assignments, I am also strongly inclined towards projects related to Divorce Recovery for women.

Why Divorce Recovery Coaching?
I myself went through the gruesome process of divorce and came out from an extremely dark place. I had lost all my self-worth and confidence after 15 long years of an unhealthy relationship. But after all the trauma, I took a stand for myself and took up coaching and NLP for a certain period of time. These modalities helped me move from a state of confusion, agony and pain to a place of more strength and courage. I am proud to say that I have come a long way from being left with nothing to doing certifications from the best institutes in the world to establishing my own business and making my own programs for women who want to move forward post-divorce.

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