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Hi, This is Deepa

Hello everybody, I am Deepa, a Life Coach with a deep desire to bring about a positive change around me. I am extremely passionate about working with women and helping them come out of their distressed states to more empowered one so that they can live a life true to their passion and purpose. I specialize in DIVORCE RECOVERY COACHING wherein I take a person from a state of confusion, agony and pain to a place of clarity, strength, confidence and self belief.

Divorce brings with it not only financial and parenting challenges but also huge psychological and emotional turmoil in a person. It causes us to leave behind the familiar and forces us to adjust to new ways of living, thinking and accepting all the uncertainties that life throws at us. In these times, if there is an external support from a professional, things become easier and recovery happens faster. I myself went through a phase of self doubt, anxiety, pain and suffering for a very long time after having gone through a breakup .I also endured a painful marriage for a period of 15 years and lost all my Self-Worth, Self Esteem and Confidence. But after Separation, I consciously chose to not let myself go and turn all the turbulence into an opportunity to regain my strengths and rebuild my life. I took up Life Coaching for myself and with the help of several NLP tools I was able to reprogram my mind and change my thoughts, actions and emotions.

I have come a long way from being left with nothing to doing my certifications from the best trainers in the world to becoming a life coach and an NLP Master Practitioner to starting my own business of life coaching by name of POWER WITHIN .It is my deepest wish to help single women come out of their cocoons and emerge stronger and more powerful..

I follow a three step system in order to lead my clients through a process which helps them gain more clarity and rebuild themselves so as to attract and manifest their dreams and what they truly deserve. I totally believe that if a woman has not rebuilt herself in all ways there is always going to be a slow progress in all other areas of her life including her career, finances, kids and others.

If you wish to know more about my program and the system I follow, Call me or write to me to know more about it so that I send you a detailed version of my program and what you would gain out of it Or Book a Discovery Call with me to know more about it !

Here are my Details:
Phone Number: + (91) 9352721032


My USP lies in keeping my clients at the forefront and customizing my coaching sessions as per their needs fully and helping them achieve the best results.


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