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About Power-Within

I have named my company as Power Within because I believe there is a huge amount of energy and potential that lies within each of us which goes untapped. If we look back through history, all successful people have just used that burning fuel inside of them despite all odds and all challenges. They have been highly successful in turning around their situations completely by simply accessing this huge reserve of energy inside them.

Power is not about acquiring material things or a place or position or something superficial. It’s something more and lies deep within each of us in our being and every cell of our bodies. It is the fuel burning inside and waiting to explode. All we need is the awareness that it exists there and how to really capture it.

An individual might not have any form of external help and if he just knows how to explore that tremendous power that God has given him, he can change his life completely alter the situations around him and make things work for him rather than against him. It is like increasing our ability to direct all our thoughts, emotions and behaviours in the direction we want and produce the desired results. Once he knows how to do that even the toughest of situations turn out to be a lot easier and a number of possibilities open up.

My background

I was born and brought up in the beautiful city of Udaipur. From a very young age, I was driven by passion and wanted to achieve something significant in my life. My parents were always supportive and my journey towards my dreams began when I stepped into Mayo Girls, one of the best boarding schools in the country. It was here that I encountered the most difficult challenges of my life but through sheer perseverance I emerged as a stronger and more confident person.

Life was on an upswing as I pursued by Management degree from Symbiosis Institute of Business Management, Pune. I wanted to enter the corporate field with complete gusto and enthusiasm. However, my life took a U-turn when I got married. What followed was a roller coaster ride and I found myself stuck in an emotionally and physically abusive relationship. With time, I lost touch with my inner self and started experiencing thoughts of self-harm and self-destruction. After years of enduring domination and making adjustments & difficult compromises, one fine day I was shown the door and everything that I held dear to me was taken away.

When life situations corner you and push you towards the wall, you either fight or give in to your fate. I decided to fight – fight my fears of being less worthy and less deserving, relive my dreams and becoming a master of  my destiny. It was then that I started on my inner journey of discovering my power within. With a resolute will to never look back, I decided to take up the opportunities that life was throwing at me.

My journey

Coaching – breaking my own shackles of self-doubt

In my journey of self-exploration, I resorted to self-help books, spirituality, motivational videos which impacted me positively. However, I wanted to peel-off all the layers of despair deep within me and uproot every negative thought that I had about my own self. I sought a few life coaching sessions with experts and realized how I could break my negative thought-patterns and empower myself to take my own life decisions. Life coaching altered my outlook towards life and gave me immense power to face my life-struggles.

With the immense benefits that I received through Life Coaching, I decided to share the same with others who find themselves stuck in difficult life situations. I’m now a certified Life Coach. Through my personal experiences, I realized something very profound: miracles happen but the journey to that miracle has to be made by each one of us! I’m glad that I began my journey inspite of all odds and I managed to overcome my fears that restricted me for many years.

My certifications

Neuro linguistic programing

Accredited coach training

Advanced NLP Communications & Life Strategy

Mindset & Personal Leadership Coach

Mindset & Life Strategy Coach

Social & Emotional Intelligence Coach

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