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Coaching FAQs

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  • Want to find clarity in making tough decisions
  • Want to be self-motivated and stop procrastinating
  • Want to live your dreams
  • Want to feel fulfilled and get rid of the emptiness inside
  • Want to achieve your target goals
  • Want to change your negative thought patterns
  • Want to improve your relationships
  • Want to see your life from a fresh perspective
  • Want to revive yourself of anxiety and be more focused and productive
  • Want to fit into a new leadership role but lack the focus
  • Want a listening space without any fears of being judged

Life coaching is a form of talk therapy wherein a coach by asking very powerful and insightful questions helps you achieve your goals and holds you accountable. Research has proved that when one hires a life coach, they witness a remarkable change in the quality of their lives and become more self- aware.

When you are facing a transition in life such as getting out of a relationship or changing a job, taking help from a Life Coach can help you cross that extra mile which otherwise would have been difficult.

A Life Coach offers you an unfettered and non-judgmental listening space. A Life Coach aids you in finding your own answers and solutions through a process of self-exploration. A Client and a Coach share a fiduciary relationship where every bit of information shared between them is kept private and confidential.

Many people think that famous personalities have worked really hard and achieved their goals. What many don’t know is that many of these achievers turned to life coaches who supported them and helped them achieve the best of themselves.

Life coaching is different from therapy though the benefits derived from both may overlap. A therapist helps you resolve past traumas and deal with conditions like mood disorder, anxiety disorders, addictions or any other medical condition but a life coach has a very unique role to play. He or she helps you in taking actions that would have a positive impact on your future. The focus of coaching is not to treat an illness. To this end, a life coach should never be considered as a substitute for a mental health professional.

If you’re experiencing symptoms of a mental health problem (such as depression, anxiety, PTSD, ADHD, bipolar disorder, panic attacks etc), it’s crucial to consult a mental health professional and not a life coach. A life coach does not give drugs or medical prescription.

A life coach does not provide any therapy to deal with post traumatic emotional issues or wounds that only a trained psychologist or a psychiatrist can do.

A life coach would not take on the responsibility of taking decisions that you should be making .

A life coach will not act as a mentor or an expert or an advisor.

One of the most common mistakes people make when they find a coach is when they think that everything in life will just get better overnight. It won’t.

Once you begin working with a life coach the real work will begin then. Whatever challenges you are facing right now has taken many years to build up. This will take willingness on your end to be vulnerable and honest.

Depending on your life issues, time required may vary from four to five sessions (of 40 to 60 mins each) to even many spanning over a year based on the commitment of the client and progress.

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