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Life Coaching

Life Coaching in very simple language is a form of support given by a LIFE COACH to an individual through a certain period of time (ranging from a month to even a year)to achieve the set desired goals . Every dimension of a person’s life is explored because Life Coaching is based on the premise that all issues in our lives are connected with each other . It is a form of talk therapy wherein a coach by asking very powerful and insightful questions helps an individual  achieve his or her goals and holds him or her accountable for the actions and progress. Research has proved that one who hires a life coach witnesses a remarkable change in the quality of his life and also becomes more self aware . Some of the big personalities also turned to a life coach who supported ,acted as a mirror and helped them formulate their actions . A Life Coach steps in to stimulate our thinking towards finding a totally new or different direction.

How life coaching is different from Psychotherapy, Psychiatry, Mentoring and Counseling

Coaching versus Psychotherapy and Psychiatry

A Psychiatrist is a doctor trained in treating severe mental illnesses such as Schizophrenia,Chronic Depression,Drug Dependancy, Severe forms of anxiety and Stress,Mental Disorders etc.People go to a Psychiatrist for something felt extremely serious and something that would stabilize after prescribed medication. Alongwith taking medication a psychiatrist would suggest a person to keep visiting a psychotherapist to talk out his issues. A psychotherapist deals with prolonged human suffering and  psychosomatic issues.On the other hand,a Coach needs to know about early life experiences and their impact but does not dwell on them. A Life Coach gives a direction more towards the future rather than on the past. A Coach also differs from a therapist in the kind of approach he adopts towards resolving a client’s issues.

Coaching versus Counselling or Mentoring

A Counsellor is a person who provides advice or guidance to an individual with respect to a particular context of one’s life.He or she may be an expert in that particular field. The relationship might not span across a period of time and also might not entail a person to strategize ,look within and take any specific actions. Coaching lays more stress on taking a person through deep exploration of his issues and options over a period of time and  taking accountability for his or her actions .

A Mentor on the other hand is a guide or an experienced person in one’s life  who would hold a position of giving guidance and advice to a person in difficult circumstances.He or she would not set specific goals to meet for future but just keep giving regular advise from his perspective.On the other hand,a Coach acts as a facilitator and a sounding board,reflects back what the client comes up with and helps him decide and gain clarity.

From all the definitions mentioned above about different fields of works with respect to life issues,Coaching very simply put:

  1. Addresses a person’s issues holistically
  2. Holds a person responsible and accountable for his decisions or actions
  3. Works on the premise that a client has all the resources to resolve his or her problems.
  4. Taps into a client’s resourcefulness.
  5. Focuses on future and not on the past.

Why should you hire a life coach

Anyone aspiring to change their lives, needs to assess the current realities, look at opportunities and threats and design a life as per his or her own terms .He or she needs to set targets  and goals and work consistently towards them .He or she continuously needs to access his or her inner power consciously ,monitor progress and take actions accordingly. This is where a Coach comes in and supports him or her through this journey of exploration and awareness. In this partnership a person is able to maximize his or potential which he or she otherwise would not have been able to do. With due support from the Coach and with sheer willingness from his or her side, he or she can tap into the inner potential and make a truly wonderful change.

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