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The Magic of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP)

Through the use of various tools and techniques, a great deal of transformation is brought in a person’s thinking patterns, his behaviors and his actions. NLP works on the principle that everyone has all the resources they need to make positive changes in their own lives. Through the use of several techniques, magical change can be brought about in changing perceptions, negative patterns and actions. NLP provides tools for the development of states of excellence in an individual. It also helps in the process of self discovery, exploring one’s belief systems, values and mission.

Neuro Linguistic Programming

NLP was co-developed by Richard Bandler  and John Grinder. Their studies began in the 1970’s and have continued to grow to the present. Neuro Linguistic Programming very simply put is the language of the mind.It refers to the way we communicate with ourselves through language and then changing it in a way to meet our desired goals.It looks at various  patterns of behavior that we learn over a time period and then making changes for a better and improved life. NLP comes with proven tips and techniques and becomes extremely useful in handling the ways we behave ,react and act in different circumstances.This Science shows ways and means to take control of the mind,get rid of negative thought patterns and figuring out ways to change them to more positive ones. Armed with the understanding of what makes one tick,how they think and feel ,our whole life can be renewed.

NLP comprises of three words:

Neuro: This refers to how our brain stores,processes and recalls experiences . NLP studies how human behavior is influenced and how it can be changed by making changes in the way our neural pathways which have been formed in the brain.Understanding the neurological processes and how one sees the world is a major part of this science.

Linguistic: It refers to not only language but also how the usage of words or language influences the way we think ,react and view the world .Based on this,effective corrections can be made in the way a person sees his situation and the circumstances.

Programming: This refers to how we organize our ideas and views based on our experiences and how this affects us and others.Thought patterns get formed over a period of time and NLP comprises of various techniques to program our minds to achieve the results we want for ourselves.


  1. It helps in rewriting a particular memory in the mind and associating new feelings with it.
  2. It helps in replacing dis empowering thoughts to more empowering ones.
  3. It helps in taking more control of your mind.
  4. It helps in banishing our old ways of thinking and establishing the new ones.
  5. It helps us regain control of our lives and design a better and more empowering future.

Therefore,It is a science which deals with making changes more at the subconscious level rather than just at the surface level.The techniques laid out in NLP have far reaching benefits that one cannot even think of.

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